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S-Flow Air Purification System 20W UV-C

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The S-Flow Air Purification System is an air Purification system that uses UV-C to purify the room air of Allergenics, bacteria, mold and Viruses in an efficient and effective means. This unit can accommodate a room up to 225 square Feet with its powerful 20W UV-C based board.
Instructions Below:
Plug the AC to a power source, turn on the machine, the LCD will show "Hello" then shows "On", now it is in idle status, now you press the button and then it will show last operating time, and then it will works after 3s if you do not resetting the operation time, during the operation, you can press the key once to pause, then press once to start operation. Also you can long press the button 3s to resetting the operation time.

There are 2 times showed in the LCD, left is the time setting of one operation, it counts down during the operation, and the right time is the total operation hours.

Left time can only be selected by 10m(0010), 20m(0020), 30m(0030), 40m(0040), 50m(0050), 1h(0100), 2h(0200) ... and 11h(1100),12h(1200), there are 2 possiblities of the time setting of 8888, when it is 8888, it means the machine keeps working endless.

Right time is the total working hours, it is the amount working hours, when it works more than 1 hour but not comes to 2 hours, it shows 1, if more than 2 hours but not enough 3 hours, it comes 2. the biggest total runing time is 9999hours.

This machine has memory, every power on, the left time is showed last time setting, for example, if last operating time was set 0050, and it ends, you can press the button, it shows 0050. if last setting is 0100, and it powers off suddenly, when you power on the machine, it shows "hello" and then "on", now you press the the key, it shows 0100, if you do not reset the time, it will run after 3s. The right time also counts the total operation time, for example, yesterday, it runned 8 hours, and you power off it. Today you make it working 2 hours, the right will show 10 hours, and tomorrow, if you power on it, the right will show 10.

It uses the UVC light, make the air is being pured by Ozone, the fans is used to circle the air.